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by One who May Ascend

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During the 2-year writing period for ASCENDING, I only wrote what I felt, documented in a more revised form, appealing to listeners. There was no end in mind, no concept of the-best-of-three-albums-in-a-single-mix-tape, not even the title ‘ASCENDING’, only the reoccurring theme of life as I envisioned it, illustrated by what I was going through. At the time when I was writing ‘Words of WAR’, I was a 4-year die-hard, unfaltering believer of the Christian faith. I slowly but surely came to the realization that not all Christian’s level of involvement was identical, more than often reflecting a much more tame lifestyle than that of the radical Jesus Christ whom I believed changed my life. This troubled me greatly. Thus, ‘Tales from the Dark Side of the Moon’ was born, an in-depth perspective analyzing not only life and my faith (with a still all-present hint of what I would’ve been willing to do for Christ, given dire circumstances), but the purposeful examination of life without my faith. As any worthy artist will tell you, over time as you meditate on the effect of the subject-matter of his or her art, the more the subject-matter has a direct effect on them. The result of this ongoing process and the ever-changing reality of life produced ‘Detour’, the evolution of ‘Tales from the Dark Side of the Moon’ – documentation of an extra unexpected journey changing the course of my life. The main event being not the abandoning of my faith in Christ altogether, but rather its postponement, whether temporary or permanent. To this day, I’m still not quite sure of the cause to ‘drop my cross’, other than fact that lack of necessity had something to do with it. The concept of ‘Detour’ was that we all have an imminent destiny in life which we will reach and - favorable or otherwise - we will indeed reach it. The detours in life are only the periodic stops between now and then. In essence, the final product, ‘ASCENDING’ is the depiction of a young man’s struggle with the meaning of life as well as his place in it – something appropriate for this generation - and as bizarre as the ideas and content presented in this mix-tape may seem, they are not far-fetched from The Truth (if not, my most sincere attempt towards it), the real goal. I hope that you enjoy this journey of life as much as I have so far, for now and for years to come. Thank you.


released May 17, 2013



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


One who May Ascend Dallas, Texas

With intricate lyrical content only to be explained by divine intervention, Texas Solo Artist Award Finalist, One who May Ascend (OMA), is unique - to say the least. Since he began writing, he has performed in multiple shows and has received many awards, including the Scholastic Silver Key award for poetry on the national-level. ... more

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Track Name: The Blade
The Blade
Once upon a time, I was forged for THE LORD
I’ve always dreamt of proving my worth as a sword
Instead of my current rest position
Behind a glass with faces peering at me through this exhibition
I yearn to have a nice soft neck for splitting
Removed from the mantle, hand on my handle to sample repetition
I am the saber that cuts worse than a razor
You must lick the blood off me for you to get a taste of the flavor
But not with haste, for you must savor
The Enemy’s blood spilled a span of over an acre
Reducing sin to ash in the clash
I open the gash using adversary’s blood to cleanse the grass
I am the last flash of light right before you pass
I am the heartless turning corpses heartless
Burning the forces of darkness
With no pity for those mourning the fortresses’ carcass
I don’t take no form of no mess – beating bleeding bodies until the form is grotesque
But I don’t know best
I am the inanimate object with gigantic prospects
As anything that runs I need a motor
I’d double-edge a couple heads but strength is in the arm of the beholder
So I am no good unless in the hand of my owner
Which is why I don’t side with feeble people
I’d be much more lethal without free will or after, I will fight for THE MASTER
No matter the circumstances, independent of certain answers
I’m not done until bodily organs spurt on the canvas
Out in the field I could be killed or hanged, but I refuse to feel the pain
I won’t be the blade that THE LORD would wield in vain
Trained to carry out THE LORD’s command with zeal, I’ve been drilled
I am the wielded iron with an iron will
The clips in me never go empty
My straight sharp nature has tendency to remedy flimsy enemies
I’m not forged in silver encrusted with a ruby
But at the core of my being I entrusted with my duty then bust with the Uzi
Not to be taken loosely, therefore I do what I’m told
Enduring wear and tear or the usual hole
With lips made of metal, don’t expect me to tell you what the fuck makes me special
The words of a vessel can’t be credible
Gory or not, I give all my glory to God, my life story, my job
I am the guardian, slicing dicing the arms and limbs
I never eat, never sleep, and sever whoever creeps
If they seem to mean malice to my MASTER’S palace
There will be no remains left for the vultures to ravage
I’m savage have you seen the head of a man that looks more like the head of a cabbage?
I take a break although I like to slay my blade must be greased twice a day
I could become dull if all I did was go through someone’s skull
Were there no one to sharpen the saw, I wouldn’t cut the hearts of men out at all
Never have I been as quick as after a visit from the blacksmith
Ready to turn a body into four midgets
Either to build or torch bridges
Once my honed arrow head pierces dome bone marrow, you’re dead
But in this age a rib cage endures the lead
I won’t be called back to abort mission when I fly through the air
Folks die when I’m there
Regardless of all the wishing and hoping
I travel my projected course from my directed source with these events in motion
Since I was stolen, THE MASTER got me with chips, dents, nearly broken
Fixed me up, so in HIS name it makes sense to be broken
Not to be discarded garbage by the grace of GOD the
Fragments were placed in a body with HIS seal of faith in the Godly
For a life devoted to waging jihad – me
First mission, also regarded as last
I knew the art of my task when I first embarked on my path
I recall as I start to be slashed that the mark of my past
Gets me ripped apart by the wrath until this body is cold and dark in a bag
Smile on my lips though killed…Form so still…Blood flow’s chilled
I wait for my MASTER’S “You have done well” so my work is fulfilled
Once upon a time, I was forged for THE LORD
I’ve always dreamt of proving my worth as a sword
Track Name: I Salute
I Salute
Verse 1
I Salute My Soldiers that…
Don’t have the slightest hint, glint, or wince of fear in their eye
Yet possess an uncanny sense of smell to sense when the scents of fear are nearby
Dark shark smelling fresh blood a mile away
Start yelling, unless you want to decay in the bay as a pile of fish fillet
They do what they mean and they mean what they say
Fighting for honor and dignity, they abide by these laws
Valuing what they believe in, they die for the cause
Ununderstadable, Intangible, improve the design upon finding the flaws
Nurses will be applying your gauze before you get the chance of fighting off Jaws
To get a glimpse of this warrior, you’d have to strike lightning after lightning evolves
Speak The Truth and follow through
Seek the Root and call it loot
Learn life lessons, have stories to tell
Aren’t afraid to say it’s gory in hell
Proceed without proceeds then succeed when others worry they’ll fail, THEY EXCELL

Chorus 1
Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven
Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted
Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth
Blessed are those who have the righteous hunger and thirst

Verse 2
I Salute My Soldiers that…
Don’t bitch, plead, or whine
Look at the jugular vein as something to slit from behind
Masterminds that have passed their time
In the infinity infantry grind or behind enemy lines
Stay strapped with bulletproofs, gats locked and loaded, even nines
Despite hard times find themselves into the vine
Power will, getting rough when the going gets tough
Put you in the dirt when you’re showing your stuff, you’re not slowing them much
You can be holding a grudge, fill them with clips of slugs, don’t even budge
Would rather take a broken neck than be alive in submission
When they arise from conditions, each has the potential to become a spy on a mission
Take not heed to the lies that are mentioned
After drawing blood, they draw eyes of attention
If not to the human skins of the foes when they wear when they decide to rock it
Then to the protruding rose that arose in the middle of the street where the sidewalk split

Chorus 2

Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God
Blessed are the peace makers, for they are children of God’s
Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake and killed as the frauds

Verse 3

I Salute My Soldiers that…
Go the higher road in an uphill battle
And get the heat unlike those who will tattle
Prefer to do things right over easy without cutting corners
Enduring when during tortures
Keeping in mind the high stakes at hand
To take a stand for the sake of their fellow man
Then bounce back after major and minor rounds attacked
Suffer, but serve, protect, live and kill for each other
Treasures anything and everything out of the ordinary
Don’t acquire glory, fame, money, power, respect, or authority
By solely weapons and arms of fear in the inventory
Nothing short of legendary, conduct themselves professionally
Knowing what won’t kill them makes them stronger, it will kill them if they act fake any longer
May or may not have skill, stalk the prey for a kill, but above all, stay real
The reflection in their eyes depict how the fight will unfurl, BEHOLD! I SALUTE THE SALT, LIGHT OF THE WORLD!!!

Chorus 3
You are the light of the world
A city built on a hill cannot be hidden
Let your light shine before others
So that they may see you good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.
Track Name: In the Midst of the Assassin
In the Midst of the Assassin
Verse 1
Face to the floor,
X bows acknowledging the grace of The Lord
For he is well aware that his faith is the door
Allowing him to escape and raise his sword
To awake from his prison
So from here on, he will never break this commission
Enemies turn chicken seeing the thanks he’s been giving
Yet there seems to be another mission
Given the tip in his sleep, can’t miss a beat
X grits his teeth, learns to be quick on his feet
Preparations for the 5th hit this week
Holds his shit in discreet to unload clips in the street
Whips out the heat, drop one gun, switch, then repeat
Silohettes of darkness blitz a retreat
X imagines what’s fixing to be, anticipation and anxiety mixed in with grief
A gift to the chief and it shifts to relief
Verse 2
Fearing God if the Ultimate Soldier appears
X maintains wisdom and weapons he’s gained over the years
This agent uses his head to store quotes or statements
As for the arms, he stores below in the basements
Safe keeping for anything X may be needing
Easy access to go and get when the time is appropriate
Choice of the wide array to slice and slay from lesser threats
That conquer to rocket launchers, better yet
He won’t encounter any enemy he’s never met
So it’s likely that he can tell the tame
Especially since X is well trained
He knows which tools can make them yell in pain
Although you can smell the rain, it will never quell the hellish flame
When in the end, all that will prevail is The Name
Learn the lessons of weapons and you need not be alarmed
When God’s Warrior is properly armed
Verse 3
X is now prepared for the battle
He brings light through the darkness where he travels
So if you don’t know better than not to laugh
Then I strictly advise you stay the fuck off his path
In the woods staked lies deep in wait
X sees the estate, determines his fate
And plans of escape
Ready to seize the front gate
The guards have ceased as of late
Their armor may be state of the art
But The Lord tells X how to take it apart
Straight from the start
Plus, the enemy troops are faint in the heart
Squirmish before the skirmish, each takes a headshot evenly placed
Taste of case as the victims bleed in the face
They’re breathing with haste
But the marksman must keep up his pace
Verse 4
Inside the residents have only mere seconds
To respond to the gunshots
With the guards eliminated the front door is unlocked
Gunfire shatters through windows – casualties without sun-block
Each with only one dot
Then all comes to stop
The scene seems to be at its norm
Except this is just the quiet before the storm
Suddenly, once again
He waits for the swift gust of wind
The only audible sound when X dusts your men
As the sword juts in
The exposed features of the guts are grim
And with two hacks, he cuts the limbs
It’s not his blood pouring from his hands
So all is going according to plan
Verse 5
X knows that the deadliest guys have got nothing to lose
Something to prove, and are ready to die
The Truth never lies, a sai for an eye
Makes the whole world blind as these men and their lives say their goodbyes
Slugs in the air embracing their sides
They might as well lock themselves in a room to be slain while they cry
Clips let fly so the clothes drip red dye
So beware of the Angel of Death
The blood that covers the floor is now ankle depth
You intestines are on the ground by the time you’ve seen some of it
Because no matter how hard you try, you can’t stomach it
X reloads seeing the writhing mass when he looked at the dead
Too bad he didn’t see the katana that took off his head
Subtle thud on the ground blood gushing around
X feels no pain oddly
Signals from his brain have just been severed from his main body
Verse 6
Everything in the world spins and whirls
Mob boss man gags then he hurls
Reflex response after he sees gore
Bodes float in blood – guns sink to the sea floor
X, no head, lay twitching strapped with C-4
Blocking the exit of boss man’s trapped door
Murky red waters splish-splash
The boss searches for escape in the wake of the rift-raft
So he moves X’s body – pull there tug here
Trying to get it away from the door drug clear
Then everything goes from bad to severe
Decapitated vessels in mirror see more than appears
Boss man though X was done but didn’t check his thumb
Mistake made, but it won’t be made twice
X detonated the explosive device
Lost heads don’t mean instant defeat,
Because in this instance, it means
Track Name: War Paint
WAR Paint
This is for my liege, whom I protect under siege
With every breath that I breath
This is for my family, whether air, fire, land, or sea
I know they’d stand for me
This is for those who arose chose roads to be foes
You know how it goes
This is for my dream
One King, shunned team, hear them scream

Verse 1
Apply to the face touch carefully
Just barely dab the mixture of crushed berries
The blood rush prepares me
To be returned to the ashes and dust buried
Still at ease, underground with night crawlers and millipedes
It’s my way of giving all I’ve got to fulfill my deeds
Laying down my life, not spraying blanks
Is my way of saying thanks
It’s hard to be unthankful
When you’re protected by your guardian angel
I am forever grateful for being taken in
As the one responsible for my own debt, this is how I make amends
Take a walk in my shoes break them in
If you get the idea I won’t refuse, but choose to loose, think again
God is too good for me to drop my eyes on the prize
I’m surprised I’m alive when I should have died, but by the ninth time, I won’t survive

Verse 2
In my brother’s eyes, I see faint tears
I’m sure he sees the same in mine, the war paint smears
In abrasion from our faces, we embrace then let go
Never thought I would, but we must get on with the show
We’re just these pawns
Barely strong enough to maintain these bonds
Final stand, so in our mind, we’re already gone, spirits at a steady calm,
Deadly arms clasped tight inside a sweaty palm
So just [breath] take a breath soldiers
We fight for the same thing, like a fence chain-linked as death approach us
You fear what I fear, I’m here because you’re here, you like what I like
I fight because you fight, you need what I need, I bleed because you bleed
Truthfully, we’ve risen high, because on these principles, we live and die
I know for you, as I, when your blood is leaking
That’s about the same time happiness seeps in

Verse 3
The paint on my face smears by the bloody metal
The disfigured body on the ground? He was a rebel
It’s not like it’s a new scene
He was in clear violation, and he knew the routine
As well as I, Fellers live, fellers die for telling lie
Sticking nails in sides, each does their duty hell or high
Water, don’t matter if all you got is a foot
Or if you have so many arms, you look like an octopus
Because we have a shield
And there’s more in any one of us than the biggest weapon on the battle field
What comforts do you have when your blood splash and spill?
Knowing your men don’t coming back, what you going to do?
Yea, I talk that smack, woo woo woo
If the fact that we’re destined to die isn’t let in your life, a dead end you’ll find
In those years of yesterday
I’m not afraid when blood covers my face; it’s my ancestor’s way
Track Name: Battle Scars
Battle Scars
Verse 1
They tend to tell us what others have been through
Jealous of wound from bullet craters to what’s left of the moon
Don’t you see what’s hidden here? Chrystal clear glistening
Like obsidian in the night whispering secrets so lend an ear and listen in
You’ll learn more than why we fear
An example is why those who don’t are highly revered
The scar of the blade, grenade, it might be a spear
That hands out the risk for fans of the fist, brands on the wrists, flesh lightly seared
Telling stooges to move it or lose it, I’m ruthless
You can tell from my many bruises any ruses of yours finna be useless
Your jabbering a nuisance you can’t imagine the stabbings and nooses
You disrespect those who risked their necks to refuse it, you got nerve to dispute it
You’re clueless to think the one who walks away with most in a fight isn’t the one who loses
Toothless, but to fight back is what he chooses
Instead, he don’t forfeit
And still isn’t done after he’s got something to show for it
Winning in the beginning might start sweet
Battle rages through the ages gets you a faint heart beat
It seems like there is no time when the enemy is never slashing
But yet no suffering is infinitely everlasting
Arms, hands, legs, and faces are perfect places
For a future scar, Man in the Mirror today, coffin tomorrow
Have you got what it takes to be a shooting star?
Of course, if you keep purpose and faith in who you are
Verse 2
This is for those who walk the walk and talk the talk, not just the show
Perpetual perpetrators just got to go
This is the tale of endurance for curious who sell their insurance
For reassurance that they too will smell of the pureness
Well aware that the cure is a higher purpose
To inspire searches of desires beneath the surface
Who don’t relax because they’re sore, worn, or war torn
Since a slit throat is just a scratch on the sword
God’s will is permanent, it doesn’t come and go
Like your permanent endurance – not allowing circumstances to stunt your growth
The stronger is the one who doesn’t have two feet, but a stump for both
In the predicament, and didn’t became a runt adult
When darkness befalls, you have to just take it
It’ll only be as bad as you make it
Verse 3
The unwritten legislation of foretold glory and dedication
Case in point, the weapon that hasn’t bled a basin is no more than a mere decoration
Unchanging spirit through both days and next year’s seasons
Helps the process, but what counts most is experience
In the name of The Lord, I’ll be stabbed and drug
Only to ever be purified again by my own bath of blood
While I still proclaim “See this the shit”
Seems that I get no gain being ripped to pieces and bit
All my creases are slit before the grave digger greases my pit
That way, when I reach it, I slip, had I known to steer clear
I would take the same path quicker, this time with a smile ear-to –ear
As I’m torn to shreds, holes form in my chest, I was born for death
My sword is red, I was sworn as best, therefore I’m swarmed by the rest
Not accepting their offer but that of The Father
Now that I have conquered
The warmth of my blood is my only comfort
Track Name: Testament of Hopelessness
Testament of Hopelessness
Because you can smile all you want
Eat all you can reach
Drink away your sorrows
Take all the drugs they’ve got
Fuck bitches as you please
But it won’t make you happy
And don’t feel sorry for yourself
Because we’re all miserable pricks
If you choose to be
Verse 1
Do it! When in doubt, end it NOW! -BLAM-
That’s what I’m talking about
Bullets locked in, glock is cocked then
Pull it when it’s in your mouth
I think I may just -BLAM-
I think I’m anxious to rid my anxiety hey, by the way
If we all die the same, why the wait?
My life, I’ve not made, is it mine to take so violently?
Still, I don’t like when they take my life in their
Own hands, choking tightly joking lightly
You’ve got answers to my debate? Don’t lie to me
Tell me “life is great” but I can’t shake
The feeling see, I’m a flake, a phony
A stranger, so lonely in my villainy I betray my soul solely
So slowly, so only one thing to do left now
For surely I’ve let me down -BLAM-
What’s with all the hesitation?
Barter life with Satan for the proper medication
Yeah, I might as well -BLAM-
Embrace death since life is hell
I can tell you I want something, but not what’s deprived entails
Something’s lost in my entrails, I wear smiles, inside’s a shell
In grief, but grinning, a pretty penny bank with
Not a penny in me when empty and naked
Please, could you lend me a blanket?
Not on me, where the void is
Who cares? It’s pointless
The thing about paranoia is
Nothing nowhere avoids its
Grasp, with all the blaring voices
Funny you ask “Where my choices?”
You’re running out of options
I’m ill, rotten if there’s a pill popping
Alternative, I’ll turn to it
Still talking? Now is your chance while there’ a deal knocking
-BLAM- I feel gnawing in the deepest part of me
Right where a heart should be
Dilly-dally dawdling life away – It’s got to be -BLAM-
Think God will see the poo that we’ve been through?
Shiiiiiit, Think God loves me and you no matter what we do?
Not that I dispute, but stick to that philosophy
I’m at odds with the fact soap slips when grabbed, easier the harder squeezed
Synonymous to all of these questions lo and behold
They call it depression so get the straight jacket straight
Tape me in masking tape, I’m a crazed basket case
Who knows a thing or two, because a basket makes
A poor container for water it’s a brainer
So it’s vain to pour, Not a drop will stay in broken china
You’re hoping trying to get where faster?
Climbing the stair master? O MY GOSH! -BLAM-
I’m a box covered in its locks I’ve been a blotch
On this earth since birth so I’m sending shots
Through my head – SOMEBODY FLAG THE COPS! -BLAM-
I’m at a loss, a loss of words which
Describes my condition – the loss of purpose
Which the symptom of hopelessness emerges
Are you going to do it?
Or are you all talk?
One day I might just -BLAM-
Track Name: Shades of Gray
Shades of Gray
caution, caution, Caution, CAUTION
Verse 1
Take caution crossing the problem-causing cauldron
An amalgam fueling ambiguous confusing bond-fusions
All looping along movement alluding convoluting
Lines drawn to impossible conclusions
Made to test us with text book’s ambidextrous dexterity
Unbearably carelessly guaranteed heresy
Transparency apparition apparently closer than appeared to be
Scarcity of clarity clearly inherently wearing me
Out tearing me down impairing me, now
In pairs to be found insidious leaving emptiness
Many miss misdemeanor tips, meant to be hints, hence we is convinced
To make of previous attempts to do so, with no clues though
This tasks futile, Have half you told yourself to analyze paths you’ve chose?
As you choke, I’ll teach you all about meeting them happy medium
Equilibrium seesaws misleading some who take this with less than a grain of sea salt
Thin Shades of Gray fade the display if made
To Pave the Way through the vague plague when draped
In theories clay-made they trade paint then shift shape
Tend to stray us from our state until we bend and break, in the grave
Because though it’s not implied, where light and dark collide
Neither illicit side’s explicit edicts coincide
So antiseptics ain’t expected leaving schizophrenic skeptics
Sketchy undirected clarity to inspect it carefully…(inspect it carefully)
Verse 2
Step on in to the wet cement come and risk
Consequence on the fence saluting absolutely
Obsolete statutes seen, desecration by concrete means
When accessed in absence of excessive dumb asses
Who don’t assess their obsession of abscesses
In essence, to full extents, they express confessions
Lessons from conformity formula formally a form of deformity
Forcing me and you to the direction of what the norm will be
Normally enormously ignoring me cordially
Hypnotist hypocrites hurl a hysterical pitch fork in me
So I can’t tread on an edge nor to be
Over egg shells and thin ice in my iron sled
I’m in dread so Imma shred snow
Go defy black and white instead as I choose and filter it
In order to reduce bewilderment
Verse 3
Cruddy clot of muddy waters
See the teeter-totter but it’s not prosperous
Who knows the purpose telling ostriches
All of this when honcho’s heads are held hostages?
I’m no psychologist, but maybe it’s to end the madness
Of tainted tinted glasses meant for malice right before it tips the balance
For you who don’t stick your head where they’re worms
Enclosed, with nowhere to turn, with you I sympathize
In your stand against the lies, they’re too dense for guys
Picturing them immense in size, but you can bend the sides
If – no when you’re wise then realize it’s not an issue
Of authenticity if the artifacts artificial
Now you’ve got a pickle, the twist up
Enigma you aim to get rid of
Pressing questions that ran amuck and you’re stuck, no answer but
Some questions are better left unanswered
Some questions are better left unanswered, FUCK
Track Name: A Tale from the Dark Side of the Moon
A Tale from the Dark Side of the Moon
Have you ever looked at the stars and wondered what’s out there?
Who lives there?
What if you had a onetime exclusive to go there,
To know the answer to everything you ever asked,
Would you take it?
Verse 1
Knowledge is the fulfillment I’m feeling on the stove when I press it and burn
In each lesson I learn, watch the heads when they turn
I’m catching a stern glare from the profess in a term
As I question the words “Why the fuck cant I have the best of both worlds?”
Tried to shy away that’s why the advisors now retired
So I’ll perfect my life’s work – wires,
Eyes up under visors specific scientific equations
Performing maintenance on spaceships my focus
I know it’s psycho shit integrating microchips
Data processor beta offset or testing the final chimps
When I step it makes my day to pave the way through the mysterious shade of gray
I check my trek, high technology
I’m not double crossing the line, the line has been crossing me
I’m aware what the cost’ll be rocketing at high-speed velocities
Obviously cats won’t land on their feet possibly
When they’ve got to be consumed or killed in their own curiosity
Look at you what’s gotten into you?
Dipping your toe in H20 when you check the temperature?
Attempting to expose an unexplored insecure globe
When it’s just going to explode insuring increased injury percentages
Enter the sinister cross roads and blows are administered
To the end of your adventure - I ignore the advising –
Reviving surviving writhing cyborgs with my torch
That ought bright up the gloom on dark sides of the moon as I’m enlightened
Verse 2
Ground scenarios got me skirting border party searching for a body’s burial
“Where’d he go?” Thinking when His back’s turned, determined to escape God
Sink or swim I’m submerging in a space pod – that idea back fired – crash landing in draped fog
Past light years, I’m standing agog; at the purple contaminated rank bog
Intergalactic graphic
You couldn’t imagine what happened
Fascinated by a smashed ship that’s in acid
In which I’m deep in, I begin to seep in as I descend decent amounts into the deep end
Proceeding realizing what these eyes have been seeing is so beautifully dim
You wouldn’t believe them, freedom present but fleeting
I’m even pleading for a hand to reach in
Receiving my grievance:
A plethora of nebula predators, etcetera hostile local aliens
Who prey on small berries – and also homo sapiens
Verse 3
I back track considering flash backs before math graphs and trashed crafts
Sun brightened bred, nourished, I was fed
Right ahead of some species, yet something said that I was dead
Hanging by a thread, led by what was said, lies
Fuck that! I prefer to live my own life instead
I dreamt to consume the brand cheese on lunar landings
They said I had a demon in plain deeming me insane
Even inane, I needn’t to complain, but then again
I wasn’t stressing depressed in excessive pain
From perspective change dressed in protective chains
Where the settings strange
Aftershocked astronaut as I’m brought to address the claims
Of extraterrestrial councils which aim to have me maimed, disemboweled
Tossed remains in a distant black hole
On charges of committing foul peace crimes, no weapons found though
So I told them: You know what? I just want to know a bit about your culture,
No bombs strapped, then we signed contracts – my first contact
Verse 4
No foreigners no exceptions any ignorance no acceptance
Susceptible, destined to expect an unsuspecting
Successful death when no serve and protection
No cellular connection on the waning crescent
You say it’s uselessness to take refuge in this sewage shit
Along the ruthlessness of creeper crater fugitives
Yet us lunar lunatics both bleed, green fluid drips when we’re oozing it
Besides this one life to live, what’ve I got to lose in it?
These solar powered beings know better
They’re not going to live forever even in Quadrant III Sector Omega
The average life does not satisfy appetite
Like the savage life’s satellites
Certainly more than just a mere mirror hologram
Only in adversity’s uncertainties can I be aware of all I am
Flying saucer diving farther
Banished to damaged planets
Until I fully manage to vanish
Yea, I know where the path of light ends
Even if I shoot for the moon and miss, I land amongst the stars
I think next I’ll visit mars
Without darkness, there’d be no light
Track Name: Transgressions
Verse 1
Mom, Dad, look at your kid, you’ve done your best to provide a perfect life, but he’s far from perfect
You son’s a dick, a chump so
Influential King, Infinite and Unknown, he’s not hardly worth it
We’re talking the same person;
Not far to dig before you hit bottom
Tree for figs holds fibs, one shovel to unpuzzle crypt coffin
Don’t absolve all my flaws because this shits common
I find Gods one to forgive, but He doesn’t forget often
So I quit ducking, being the person unable to sit on his ass because of sticks shoved in
Rather than God expose peccadilloes of bros with a nose stuck in
The air, I chose to admit of them
I’ve got the balls to stop fucking with running
Stumbling to the wrong places, fronting for acceptance and “McLovin”
In vain, I’ve been blamed on that unfulfilling walk of shame, a sham
That proved water and wine don’t pour from my veins, I am but a man
If you call me great then, you are mistaken
Show me a man with no dirt and a liar’s what I’ll make him
Not meant to taint men’s reputation, we’re same in
Heart; guilty of deicide, I accept the blaming
I came in advance to make amends for making
My shares of mistakes and more on their way in
Who am I kidding? No escaping the past and it can’t bend
No fixing starts we’re placed in but starts can have a changed end
Verse 2
When you bear the ground, world on both shoulders wears you down
Whereabouts have you snared and bound until you air it out
Here and now overcoming fear and doubt to not have it swept under the rug
I didn’t pay for no drugs or play my own blood, but I thought I was thug
So bad when it was a fad to sag as a lad
I was such a sad spoiled brat, today I gag
Better still, ask my dad, “That kid Malik, you better watch his ass,
He don’t wash his ass, when he does, you can see the dirt wiped off his rags”
That makes two of us that need to clean up our acts
Now that that’s past, I’ve got a rash from lots of baths
Yep, just offered my life savings at church today
Since words can stray, one of my fathers are going to take my Bible away
Respect thy mother and father – wait – respect why even bother
When you’re in a family you’re not even apart of?
Ok, respect sure, but through love?
Wait a minute, now you’re just asking too much
Verse 3
Granted, some have done worse than stole and cheat
Choke their meat, or considering licking a fine girl’s toilet seat
And never ever have I killed a man for the right reason
But who’s to say what context these things weigh lightly in?
My meaning: I’m leaning bad is bad when we’re defining sin
Perfection is trying evening out backward steps where I begin –
Brand new, no more teary eyes streaming
I’m leaving the past where it belongs and I’m leaving
Increasing my projected trajectory
Perfect is what we expect from me
Yes it’s me – my own worst enemy who puts us in jeopardy
As I pass the past on my path, a future is all that’s left for me
I give myself slack, and I’m not going right back
And the worst stain on my track record, I didn’t record in my track
I’ll bet you never wanted to know him like that
But you never would’ve known me differently until I opened my trap.
Track Name: The Monster
The Monster
What are you?
Get the fuck away from me
Verse 1
Surely you’ve read inflammatory stories
Alleged allegories allowed in laboratories
I fucked up, I admit it, as professors
We forget it if the exhibit ain’t broke then why should I fix it?
My predecessors personally presented
Me unprecedented privilege, I’m completely permitted
To exceed our limit because perceived perimeters inhibit us
Just as precedents that was represented us
Pretentious, no longer expect the least
From experimenter’s expertise especially
Specialist specialties exerted experienced experts –
All except for me, the sole amateur
Soul tamperer in confidence incomplete knowledge is
Incompetence, my concealed endeavor
Builds peer pressure until indefinite
Preposterous consequence was...MONSTROUS
Master and Monster amongst the masses, once the
Imprudent tutor produced a student -
Mutant product, without proof of proper
Procedure, insecure process to prosper
Regrettable, unprofessional medical practitioner
Prisoner wishing away premonitions of
Pursuit, pretending the permanent pertinent problem
Won’t prevail but can be prevented provided precaution
Verse 2
My fallible inferior corrupted conduct its
Ulterior motives reached my superiors, sponsors quit
Impermissible to even proctor this project’s prospects
Despite this, despicable desperate contemptible
Container of chemical toxic content
Materialized the unpredictable
Central essential pivotal point pinnacle
Abnormal original abomination mutation gone critical
Visualize a foreign formidable foe invincible
Invisible miniscule of soul in visual
Cynical insensible and miserable sentience
Unforgettable, I reminisce on incidents of innocents’
Evacuation of the premises
Behemoth incensed nemesis vicious vehement intents of vengeance
In defense of remnants of my innocence
This hidden horrendous face was an accident, in a sense
Verse 3
Sins of the past bite you in the ass
When you ask for more than you can afford and chew
One dose of morphine mutates morphing to
Be a “Nugen”-clear bomb, not the prettiest creature
Hideous amphibious ape-troll facial features
Approaches atrocious ferocious premature doses
My anti-heroics had one focus: I promised
On a moment’s notice I’d destroy this “Magnum Opus”
I hope it’s not too late to thwart its explosive
Rampage threat on society corrosive I can see
Reality check that enlightens me reliably
While he’s sizing me up, finding the blood on my hands blinding me
Finally, I’ve come around to not hunt him down
Alterations caused our altercations
There’s alternatives to rancorous relationships that anger us
It ain’t just because my worthless presents weren’t deserving his presence,
He didn’t deserve this
Master and monster;
Why we’re so quick to change those we love, I don’t know
You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved,
Some repairs are best left to the professionals
So don’t – don’t – don’t try this at home kids
John Van “Nugen” Nguyen, what I’ve done to wrong you, I am truly sorry
You deserve better than this
But I guess sins of the past – sin – sins of the past – sins of the past bite you in the ass.
Track Name: Invasion
To date, we’ve got pretty cool ages, but the enigma analyticals face is
Microscopic visible traces dissecting dialect texts in biblical pages
Multiple millennia-old days which were miserable amidst
A multitude of formidable space ships
Dangerous space invaders anxious to impose their language
Yes, once in a blue moon we expect doom soon left to languish
When three suns phase shift over horizon a bit latish
Verse 1
Behold! An orb born some trillion years before
The third war of the worlds arose engulfed in gears of gore
Of course the gorge gorged coarse loads of corpse
I had yet to absorb the sole role of the soul in the Sword
Scores of light poured from the pores of the robes that I wore
Flashing my fluorescent core towards the mountains to the prairies
To the floor boards below the forest floor
I suppose with my sorts of high glow, I could’ve scorched the globe to sores
Gauche ghost tore pure gold – my most valuable resource
Spores to be bought then sold, a lure quid pro quo
They so say they swore not to harm the host
But is being a warped dwarf star not a part of that oath?
Hold up! I’m holding on, Held down too long to hold through strong
Held back, I may get past those who think they can snatch my blazing flash
I’d make it last, but I’m fading fast
Still refusing losing my light
To ruin lose ends I tied
So from ass crack of dawn to sunset
I come to terms that my term ain’t done yet
Imma throw down, no doubt, but I don’t know how much longer I can hold out
Verse 2
My initial reactions were tame to the chain chemical reactants
There, there relax, it’s just paradigm shift parallax
No need for the A-Bomb to remain calm was my rationale
No lashing out, patience, until these cretinoid rats get out
Perhaps, but now, I can’t produce as much shine as they ration out
Class clowns acting wild, me as their cash cow
This sun, for one, is ready to flash a scowl
At the casted shroud of tinted dim wits cramping my fashion style
Volcanic tension building, I’m itching, willing to erupt abruptly
A wee bit touchy corrupt me enough see me reduce you to nothing roughly
Reused in rubbish the dead pool in hundreds
You’ve been punish when I lose the glove-mitts
And stop pulling punches – and let it go
Shockwave, electromagnetic pulse
My expansions incensed the phantom menace, fallen angels, ghouls, and ghost
And other fucking things that cling to ankles
In this external wormhole to burn slow
Via eternal internal turbo inferno
Verse 3
Now be the finale, symboling dwindling light beacon
No description prescription for swindled gleam I’m seeing
Ain’t no simple thing to let it out in the ring
It’s special so helpful, to embrace yourself, fool
That’s the antidote, let them know what they’re tampering with
I’m the hazardous gaseous ball of light that throws temperature temper tantrums and shit
If I even spew puke or blow up
My solar supernova will destroy the minimum quota of cobra
Sure, my potent semi-omnipotence would withhold the violent
Uninhibited unlimited ultraviolet rays for inhabitants I rage against
Aliens pissed life made me this, so miscreant recipients of my radiance
Are vaporized within my blast radius
After ages mixed decomposed heaps of domes are re-exposed next to demon’s bones
Bearing barren desolate cultures I’ve gotten rid of
I don’t kid or play, happens every day, you can’t make this shit up.
Track Name: Rehabilitation
Verse 1
It all started to begin today, my heart started beating today
Then it started eating away, at me sleeping the day
Away when we can awake from the nightmare, knee deep in a grave
Dreaming of change
Tired of being astray
I look at my feet then I take
The first step, weak in a daze, didn’t
Make it in amazement, but it can be like that sometime in rehabilitation
So by the way all you guys, I apologize
The True OMA went AWOL and lied
Yea, I backed down, but I’m back now
Full-fledged, not on the side track style
A sore thumb don’t find background
A caged lion ain’t gon’ hide that growl
I thought I’d fit in, but I was wrong
That’s why I was gone, and now that I know where I belong
I’m only back to say “Good-bye so long”
It’s horrible acting as a normal mortal
So is remembering I have my first friend in me, remembering
I am my own worst enemy
Can it be a sense of purpose which
Urges it’s just me against the world in this?
I have my first friend in me
I am my own worst enemy
Can it be a sense of purpose which
Urges it’s just me against the world in this?
Verse 2
I’m back in this bitch
Fuck around, get slapped with the dick
Strike back with a vengeance
I’m back in for business, not backing consensus
These brains regained their lack of consciousness
I’ve got it together, pain, preference of pressure
Instead of the pleasure, better than ever
Never say never, but never let up, endeavor
Keep up your upkeep but
Never let anyone else keep the key to
Your heart or give it, gifted to others as a Narcissistic
Harping critics, I’m done making a fool of myself
Done fooling myself, I’m full of myself
I don’t need nobody, I’m the boss
Even with a socially awkward
-PAUSE- I ain’t over until I have my say so or
I stay colder icy lone wolf;
I’m the sole soul-survivor now that I’ve the fire.
Track Name: The Phoenix
The Phoenix
I am the Phoenix
I am the Phoenix
I am the Phoenix
I am…
Verse 1
I’ve arisen from the ashes
Fire is in my eyes, unhidden, thunder crashes
I’m dependant on no one, but free
As a bird, I’m no one, but me!
Have you heard Greek Mythology’s creature, flies with ease
Irresponisbily testing the “supposed-to-be’s” economically, ethically, emotionally,
Even logically?
The Truth’s so over your head, you don’t know what I said
Mortals are a bunch of idiots, thought you knew what true love really is,
Unworthy of the Phoenix!

Who can accomplish feats this genius once again other than the cosmic Phoenix?
All it breathes is fire while the world falls to pieces
All it needs is freedoms
Sought uniqueness from you common heathens
Hot as hell, he gets a trillion degrees celcius – too hot to handle
The Truth is the Truce with humans has gotten cancelled

Verse 2
Virgins sacrifice themselves to me, unselfishly, but helplessly
So kiss her a little harder, hug her a littler stronger, fuck her a little longer
Hold her a little tighter in the night because I won’t yield – tie her to the bed with steel wires
She’ll try to head to me, beg and plead that I still like her sexually
It’s not the same a-hole when retentive
Anal is inexpensive – pocket change
I’d rather mug a purse than fuck the Earth for what it’s worth – nothing
The only thing worse than that would be
Getting squashed by my personality

Verse 3
Divine intervention if I enter in when I’m in flight
Defying winds I get undivided attention –
OMA so it’s a sin to use my name in vain
Why no, I don’t quite know when to quit
So tell me; I don’t get the hint
Saying “YOLO”, yet then again, you’re only human
So maybe you do
I’m so infinite, there’s no limit and I cannot tell a lie to you
When even my lies are true…
I am the Phoenix
I am the Phoenix
I am the Phoenix
I am the Phoenix…
Track Name: Legacy Lost
Legacy Lost
Father creates Son,
Father begets Son
Son begets Father
This is how the story goes – or so I’m told
It goes a little something like this
Verse 1
[Yo] As a raised son, I’ve been burned to a raisin
In the raised Son’s rays once – let me explain some
Back in the day one young man
Chose a mate purposefully to go to make God, unsanctioned
To do so, but why would you go to play God a lot?
Ain’t God good enough? The duo was not satisfied
With “God’s sacrifice”, they got to do it over
Couldn’t just jot that advice down, that should you touch what’s God’s it’s got to have a price?
Would you once? How about after thrice?
Now as the times pass us by it’s not super surprising
After you circumcised me as you do for a tithing
You must’ve liked me too, for the time being
Who had a clue that’s the Truth underlying?
Before you had a boot to my hinny?
What did I do for you to despise me?
You should advise me to be a better kid
But if you don’t love me as I am, you never did
I love you to death, but when your life ends,
I don’t expect to live the rest of it because…
To this here point in life’s course, I’ve lived a pointless life; yours
Not my own, but if the choice is like yours
Good God, I won’t have disappointed by force, I’m scorned
But why’d your then second seed find your
Acceptance instead of me? Am I your eye sore?
Perfected Jesus in the flesh, a cyborg
Recipe for the death of me to my horror
Nothing’s left for me except to leave from my source
Especially his legacy to die for
Verse 2
How could my greatest benefactor have been a factor of my anguish?
Am I to avenge the great sins of my parents before I parish?
The aim is for the apprentice to vanquish his apprehensions
To make his aimless existence apparent
Easier to say this when doing is dangerous
Violence was used to silence us
But such ain’t a risk because enough water underneath breaks the bridge
And the channel’s so stuffed upstream
To make an example for us must mean the last straw
Back of the camel’s broke puffing hard
The thing’s you all want to stop holding my hand, then don’t
Because if I bit the hand that fed me off, that’d make me a fucking cannibal
I’m a damned adult, right? Thanks to you, why can’t you recognize
My final obstacle left in life’s not for you
The light bulb’s got to screw me over less than my
First steps out of your shadow, because confrontation’s half of the battle since…
Verse 3
Why Pops, I’ve got to give you your props
For dealing with your Mom’s BS, but ain’t
The better way to repay the favor
Is to make things on me less? But hey,
Even though I honor you, I’m on to you, honestly
I’m sure just like you’re on to me
This ain’t no prophecy anomaly, but I’ve got to see for myself, what is this God in me?
If God indeed, if my soul is not emptied
Is it selfish to give up the lie of a life
You’re living if you’re giving it to the helpless?
You’d probably respond “hell yes”
If it’s not of the monetary realm it’s
Not for me, well shit, what do you know?
It went in one ear then out the other, because what do you know?
Lock your seat belt and helmets as if on a bumpy ride
Called life, because the Truth’s not always what we’d like all the time
Mostly mortals abide by only your rules, so I’ve got to please you?
Possibly not, to make omelets, we’ve got to be willing to break some eggs
So I’ve got to leave this legacy that I’ve got to leave
Hell, I’d bet Jesus Himself does not believe that…
This destiny; I can already feel the effects of the pedigree hex on me lessening
You and I both know what happens when salt looses it’s taste
I know we’ve had our differences, but this has gone too far for far too long
We keep butting heads, but in the end, that just makes us buttheads
I am but a product of your own doing
I’ve created a monster, like Father, like Son
Sins of the past still biting you in the ass
Things will never be the same
Ever since young, I’ve been plagued with the question: “What now?”
Track Name: Lost In Space
Lost in Space
Verse 1
Who am I, if I am lost?
Time, you can’t price, but you can’t deny the cost
It’s my exhaust to right the wrongs of when I defy the laws
Of gravity, when I lift off, despite the thoughts
Of blasphemy – catastrophe blasting me rapidly
Into the inner galaxy where there’s actually
Nothing to grasp hold to, nothing that must hold true
And practically nothing that you won’t do
Huh, in that case, forget what they told you
The more we learn what it’s like to be born
Deformed and reborn, the more
You won’t be torn between doors, and be sure
You aren’t on a detour, as motherboard, your fam, and old man plead for
You to get with the program
You go stand your own land
I’ve never been with the program
I’m lost in a world of my own
I’ve crossed, in the whirl of cyclones
I fought against the wind to search for my home
Why not? Bends begin to merge but I don’t
Know where to turn because I roam their high road ways which
I don’t face it’s hard to find those places
Of refuge I’d dwell then recues myself instead
I refuse to lose myself and lose my head
Verse 2
How can you be yourself when you don’t know who you are?
If you have to ask for help, then you know you’re too far
Go shoot through the stars to see, learn yearning
Departure, forgot to consider it’s a harder journey
Back, unless you’re not returning
Either way, you’ll never forget the scars you’re earning
On your face, so face it now while spacing out?
Pacing round, breaking down, no gaining ground without
Pain endowed, waiting “how long must I sustain in doubt?”
Maintaining it out where no one’s upstairs
Even if I cried, no one could hear
The screams, or the slow run of tears
So I don’t much care if my ass just stays
On the sofa – just there as I wait
To pass away
After all, I’m going nowhere fast they say
Verse 3
Earth to Malik, Earth to Malik,
Where are you going? What do you seek?
I don’t know just what to do
Oh, but once I do, you would be
The first to know, taken by the depths
Of the deep, side effects were irreversible
I invest in the need to critique the worlds by the best
But see the worst of both, burst bubble
The greenest grasses by the fence, they were for show
Yes, they were for sure, of course I should’ve known sooner
In order to go U-turn
To come home, after you stumble
Out on your own, it’s good to know you’ve hung on
To decide it’s wisest when I could buy into the likeness
Of identity crisis
Because my entity’s lifeless
This is where I go
This where I stand
This is all I know
This is who I am
This is where I go
This where I stand
This is all I know
This is who I am
This is where I go
This where I stand
This is all I know
This is who I am
This is where I go
This where I stand
This is all I know
This is who I am...
Track Name: Eternal Darkness
Eternal Darkness
Verse 1
The blackness is miraculous, but half of it’s confusing illusion of perception
Refusing to move in the direction illuminating us
Expecting answers you question?
Can’t rush perfection
And once the quest’s in momentum for the box of Pandora,
No one could close it up, for a moment or temporarily
So it’s the moment of truth, sparingly use your wits to wager your favorite of favored outcomes
How come? Wow come on, now son!
If I seek answers, let’s not be naïve
Now we’d like to think soul searching isn’t the blessing or curse it is, of course it is!
The coarseness essentially proves what you’re purpose is mean to be,
Assess your worthless existence eventually ascending me with perseverance mentally
Why? Well to be honest, because…

If there’s anything that I’ve learned in your planet, it’s that there isn’t a thing acquired for granted
Because nothing comes easy, usually, but we think “must be me”
What we see’s eternal darkness
Internal darkness is necessary to assess the environment, if I’m confined in it
Comprehending enlightenment upon defining it is my intent
Defining this temporary darkness in spite of it to find some light in it

Verse 2
There inherently are times we stay forever clouded in the dark, and be lost
And never found it feels like I’m headed down trips down each dark road
Until I reach our globe, we call home we all probe with these false hopes that the result can’t be awful
And we’re all for positivity; the best
But all of it would be BS
That’s right, can you cast bright white in a bad light with a black light flash light
If you have sight, then you’d have to see to it even with a bad eye, you’d at last find answers you seek to get;
A green ticket one way or another, someday for the other
Delays are uncovered
If nothing else, expect that, so take a step back for sakes of set backs
Don’t take the way you’ve come to make a fake path
No matter how vain, it’ll come to pass because…

Yeah, there’s a lot of darkness out there, and it can get to you if you let it
But I fear the dark no more.
After all, there’d be no darkness without light.
It may not be a happy ending.
But I’ve come to understand that happiness is a direction, not a destination, so I’ll keep moving. I guess I’ll see you on the other side of the dark side of the moon then.
Track Name: Silence is A Powerful Voice
Listen...or you'll miss it!


Wow, I guess sometimes silence can be a powerful voice...
Track Name: Psychic Hotline
Psychic Hotline
Hello? Is this the psychic hotline?
Hell no! I’m not fine, oft I’m
Disinterested, thinking about rhythm and reason in my off time
I’ve stopped trying to figure life out, I’m not lying
Verse 1
I don’t know this dual personality
Who goes bursting out of me
It just goes to show your mentality
Your analogy of life was boxes of chocolates
It’s actually more like a tool box –
You get used lots of times, abused, lost
And screwed enough, just don’t screw it up
But if that’s how the shit shat out, you get that brown
Big crap while you stay full of shit that’s foul
Cut the chit-chat now, look at me like “H-h-how dare you!”
And then I’ll tear you a new one, I’d be scared too
They’ve got some real crazies out there – koo-koo, nuts
Coco for koo-koo puffs
The things they do now? Sickening!
But they need one more coat of grease and a peeled banana peel to out-slick me
Hello? Is this the psychic hotline?
Hell no! I’m not fine, oft I’m
Disinterested, thinking about rhythm and reason in my off time
I’ve stopped trying to figure life out, I’m not lying
I’ve lost the needle in my side since I side with common people
But it’s embarrassing with them, rarely sharing the basic similarities
All unequal, often evil
Not half at 49%, not all that bad
Verse 2
But how much longer can I take shit?
If life was a bitch, by now, I would have raped it
Taken her naked to the basement
Asking from what end she wants to take it
While I tape it for my personal entertainment
And I’m educated, clever enough to sever and stuff the body in the cellar then to
Properly dispose of the not-pretty bodily remains responsibly
Afterwards, I would be…unremorseful
Believe the rumors, , their more true
More often than not, if I’m coming for you, I don’t knock, I’m going to walk into your dorm room
With you there or not, I’d scare the snot out suckers
Like the nightmare you thought I was
Unless you’re sleep deprived,
Each day you wake up is one less to be alive
So most of us need peace of mind
If I had any left, I’d give you a piece of mine
Sheesh! This guy’s crazy – who knows why he hasn’t dealt
With psychiatric help?
Verse 3
But not everything’s copacetic –
I can’t cope with headaches
As a youngling, I was jumping – missed the bed
Hit my head instead, the doctor then said
“I don’t know how the hell he isn’t dead”
That can’t be good like being in Momma’s bladder
As a baby while she cut embalmed cadavers
Is all of that the reason I’d bring a knife to a gunfight
And why you should run like the bitch you are to me
I’d split an arm or three, slit your arteries
Rip apart your feet and strip your heart for free
If you charge a fee, I’ve hardly need for man’s Smith n Wesson’s
I’ve done deeds more than myth and legends
Dark past, darker future since there is a
Chance of becoming an amateur janitor
With cleaning canisters
I’d be wiping my hienie while peeing urine slow
Allow me to polish this turd, my conscious disturbed
Damned if I clean turds in bowls, sanitizing urinals as a germaphobe
Bickering about degrees because there’s no
Assurance so, what the fuck did I earn it for?
When I lose it in the first degree, you’re in no
Position to listen in prison after asking me “What you’re in for?”
Fuck the chorus whore
“Hello? Is this the psychic hotline?”
Hell no! I’ve stopped trying
You don’t mind? It don’t matter
You don’t matter, I don’t mind
It’s only a matter of time before I take matters in my
Own hands, I’ve got some problems
But I’ve mentioned all of them
Oh, and my cock don’t fit the condoms I got
From my old man, so can
You buy lots of the ones I got
So I can get rid of all them?
Why? Why not? No? Damn!