Humble Beginnings

by One who May Aspire

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The irony of "Humble Beginnings" is that the idea originated from a rather narcissistic mind state.

The idea was that upon acquiring stardom, fame, and fortune, in the eyes of the world, it could be very likely that in the midst of all of these allures, I might forget where I came from, as many of our heroes often do.

'Humble Beginnings" is not only for entertainment purposes, as well as a personal glimpse of my own daily life (past and present), but also serves as a reminder - an agreement between you and I that I will never forget where I came from, thereby tarnishing and forfeiting my relationship with my fans, friends, family, and most importantly - myself.

After all, it was you who made this possible.

And for that, I thank you.


released June 30, 2015



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


One who May Ascend Dallas, Texas

With intricate lyrical content only to be explained by divine intervention, Texas Solo Artist Award Finalist, One who May Ascend (OMA), is unique - to say the least. Since he began writing, he has performed in multiple shows and has received many awards, including the Scholastic Silver Key award for poetry on the national-level. ... more

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Track Name: Back In The Day
Back In The Day
Verse 1
Today’s the last day of class yay!
You’ve made it! To graduation! Congratulations!
You’ve got a BS! In your BS! And uh PS
It won’t relieve stress Now you’re mentally depressed
With many regrets, Don’t you wish we had recess?
Instead of worrying about student loans
And who has the coolest clothes?
Because back in the day we’d laugh and we’d play
Spin the bottle in Batman PJs
To be the guy that shorty liked
She wasn’t a model, but we’d try to pick her up with corny lines
Before-It’s story time!
And nap time ended sooner the more we whined
Now I replay the tape to pass time and it won’t rewind!
We’re all down to our last dimes and rap rhymes As I ask why
Can’t we go back to the way things used ta be?
Because everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten
How to read words, pictures, how I learned friendships
Now I burn bridges as if an arson
Sparking flames to the snakes in the garden
Until burnt to cinders send the guard in
Because these days, kids are marked men
And their souls been done hardened If they aren’t then sold in a bargain
Left all alone in the cold winter when they’re starving
From all they’ve gotta gain, no, hungers not a game
If there’s just one thing that I learned from all the pain
Good thing that I learned many
And I stomached the stomachs that weren’t empty
In a sense it’s a kids innocence
That makes childhood most precious
Versus his adult lessons
94 till…
Track Name: Humble Beginnings
Humble Beginnings
[Dialing phone, Yawn]
Hello, OMA residence. Speak
Uhhh, hey Malik. How’s it going?
Malik? Sir, I think you have the wrong number…
Well, I was pretty sure this was the right number. Consider this a wakeup call. Don’t you remember me, Malik?
That voice…
Verse 1
Don’t you remember? How could you
Forget the inner childhood who was behind you
Each step of the way Malik?
Seven of the days a week,
Yeah, we messed up to say the least
Every now and then, but now that you’ve let me down again
Drowning in misery, history repeats by itself
What must I do to remind you
Of the times you needed my help?
Surely, you didn’t get here all by yourself?
Now did you? How can you turn your back
And forget to observe that
Simple principle to stay modest
But now that your earnings have tripled, you can’t pay homage
That ain’t being honest, a clean conscious
Remembers where you came from because you can’t run
Fast enough to escape from memory lane son, don’t you get it?
It hurts to even ask; you may be leaving the past, but you’ll be back for a visit
And don’t you forget it
Hey me, it’s you, from the past alias, dude,
Visiting you of the future to ask late me if I may, ok
See if the present is a gift like they say,
Maybe it’s true, but it ain’t the excuse for behaving shady as you
Turn into the person you’re changing into
– you’re friends, you’re family who made me, shaped me, from a baby to you
Verse 2
Before you had friends, or followed fads, trends,
And the latest fashions or V-necks,
You were depressed, one of the rejects
At recess you would read unless a bully messed
With us, taking your glasses, it was a game
For them, playing for practice, bonus points
If they get a smashed lens, for us boys
It’s eight or six lashes, back whelps from Dad’s black belt
Where my back had swelled, my choice was
To become numb and callous – cold shoulder as you grow colder
With the world – o remember when you didn’t know how to get a girl?
Getting turned down, now you’re sick of her?
Since when did you get the nerve? Remember this kids a nerd
So now that you get your clique yeah sure it’s easy
To forget the insecurities, Huh, you’re a tease
I was being facetious, the stronger of trees
Are deepest rooted – never deceive the peeps
Who believed in you, kid
Verse 3
Back in the day we would be passing the daily
Time together – that is amazing when I consider
What has been happening lately, acting so strangely
As if you blame me
I remember when I was in the picture perfectly
None this nonsense would’ve gone if you heard from me
Some thought you were much worse to read comics – you weren’t a nerd to me
I’m just nervously watching what I’m disturbed to see;
A grave I’m burying deeper, if it weren’t for me
And the family, my very friends, teachers,
And librarians either, I barely would be the
Man I am today, Man I cannot say
Thanks enough when there are so many to count on
And those you look down on, say thanks for nothing
So what if they’ve seen you grow up and for what?
Then we forget them? You want to be forgiven?
Why? You told yourself to hold yourself high
I wrote this oath myself
I hope it helps, bye
[You knew who you were, sounds crazy? It’s true, somewhere in there is the same me as you]
Track Name: Love's Grasp
Love’s Grasp
They say played cards right ain't hard, try it
Although it ain't alright for laid hearts tied to the table, ok?
That's fatal, they make you pay,
And since this is senseless, it's best to come to our senses
Or they'll regret it because it's better to never love
Than to ever love in lost Ms.
Just promise you'll never fall in love
All it was? Was wanting too bad what you had,
But they won’t want you back...
Verse 1
I had a crush once, my bad, but just once
Was I jabbed, sucker punched by a tad of what love does
I’m snagged up because I had the one brush
Amongst the wondrous, now that I’m stabbed, the blood runs
Out my back because some fucks might blab of dumb fucks
Such as us, brains stuffed, mashed, mush, Pain, but half hushed
What you heard is the sound of my word
After word gets around turning it down
By the time I’ve reached you, who’s concerned with it now?
I am…I am…I am…
Yeah, but who the hell am I?
Bad ass attitude, but frail inside
Binded in a spell and blinded
Can’t look anyone else in my eyes as if
You could tell that I’ve –
Just fell a flight of stairs into love’s grasp…love’s grasp
I just fell a flight of stairs into love’s grasp…
Just fell a flight of stairs into love’s grasp…love’s grasp
I just fell a flight of stairs into love’s grasp…
Verse 2
But tell me who cares if you’re crush crashed
Your joy ride? I’m so dumb, I’m no one
Avoid my hurt face, erase her gaze for all of your days
I’m a sucker, why?
Because I never make it to first base in the first place and you weren’t phased
Where the hell do we got to head from here?
There some telling me not to shed a tear
To act like I’m good shit…
And I should get over it
Blood could get colder with broken heart, certainly
Open on surgery, oh, an emergency?
Will she heal me from what I’ve been feeling?
It’s silly really so we’ll be stupid, huh?
That’s my two cents up cash
Being a nuisance sucks ass
The little things will be doing for love such as when I must have –
Verse 3
Men are meant to grow colder
With a cold shoulder
And recently insides been eating me alive
With confusion, disillusion
It’s best when midsections intestines in question
To yield then, go with your gut feeling
Pain, everyone deals with differently
But healing just isn’t for me
Some reel in fish in the sea
But I’m still been wishing to keep one
Until then, bit and release
I’ve still been getting to see
Without a fuck and a care
Abandoning the love in the air
Bad lungs expanding, for once I can see this can’t mean a damn thing
If we were before, we ain’t anymore
The truth is a hard pill to swallow, so I take placebos
But now, I can’t say anymore, because I –
Track Name: If I Were You
If I Were You
This is what I would do if I were you
This is what I would do if I were you
This is what I would do if I were you
This is what I would do…

Verse 1
In life, there are fights you lose and you win
And if I lived twice through you to do it again
I’d do it a bit different and root from within
Instead of a manner behooving to men you like to please
And find what means most to you which may not mean much to most of you
Who only do what you're told to do
From sources unknown so how do you know which roads to choose with forks in the road?
If I were you nobody would tell me how to live my life
And in hindsight what if I'm right?
Then I can't see a reason why not to be who I've got to be
That's all you have in this life, use your passion to guide you
Like flashing a light through the darkness
Passing just right through your present and future hardships
Isn't that what you’d do if you were honest?

If I were you, I’d live my life just to inspire you
I’d tell you if I secretly admired you
I wouldn't let the day be ruined just by your mood
But I’d be thankful for the weather whether skies were blue
Or gray, I wouldn't pray they were a lighter hue
But that's just me telling you what I would do
I guess that's why I'm me and why you’re you
I guess that's why I'm me and why you’re you

Verse 2
If I were you, I wouldn't complain or gripe about my weight or height
My age or type, my face your eyes, but savor life
After all, beauty is but a state of mind
If I were you, I wouldn't hate your life
But if I were you, I wouldn't be afraid to die
At any place or time – it’s hard to say goodbye, so make sure that you take your time
If I were you, I couldn't make it to the top, but hate the climb so I can't just whine
If I were you, I’d know what to say for myself
As I delve inside of me, I would be the man I want to be rather than try to be
If I were you, I wouldn't be asking why are we required to reach higher
Or if it’s only based on desire, but like I said, that's just me if I were…

Verse 3
If I were you, I’d keep my past life in the past
If I were you I’d live everyday like it’s your last
If I were you, I’d keep my eyes on the prize, but still realize the price that it has
And if I got invited to smash, I'd act as if it were the first time I'd get some ass
Appreciate the little things that I get to have
Never take them for granted, because once they're taken, or vanish, you might get them back
You might not, you know life is like that
Who knows why it's like that, but I've had my share of life’s bads, goods, ups, and downs
But I'm proud to uplift myself from the ground
Because if I were you, I’d live life to the fullest expectancy
If I were you, I’d see right through the bullshit – especially
Since we write the rules of our own destiny
I’d find the greatness inside of you, but wouldn't think less of me
If I were you…
Track Name: Apathetic & Preoccupied
Apathetic and Preoccupied
I’m apathetic
I’m half-pathetic
I have a headache lost my soul when
My heart was broken
I lack a medic
Hypothetically, I shouldn’t be a-live
But that’s just another thing I haven’t realized
I’m apathetic
I’m half-pathetic
I have a headache lost my soul when
My heart was broken
I lack a medic
Hypothetically, I shouldn’t be a-live
But that’s just another thing I haven’t realized

Verse 1
Huh? Why w-what’d you say?
Uhuh, Yeah, I’d love to stay
And chit-chat for sure
But I’ve gotta get back ta work
Just try not ta look at me as a jerk
Malik’s not gonna lie but he’s occupied
His buddies all decide not to like rap,
But that all that he’s got in life
So he’s cast off aside and forgot in time

Verse 2
I think about my friend’s climb
Is this on his mind like it is mine?
For the 10th time, no bro you will not get signed
Its not rocket science you do not spit rhymes
Don’t take it the wrong way-it’s just been a long day
I don’t mean to be a ass hole, it’s hard ta just
They expect me ta make A’s maintain grades
When our brain waves aint even on the same page?

Verse 3
I’m being pulled every which way
With no escape from my mistakes but this switchblade
So please just let me just stay
In peace as my soul empties and I’m going to pieces
Falling apart with no adhesive
Here to adhere to all you see is
My rear view indecently if
You feel like a million bucks I feel like 15 cents

What do I have to live for If I’m not doing what I love
I just don’t know…
Track Name: Human
What it means to be human,
What it means to be human,
What it means to be human,
What it means…
What it means to be human
What it means to be human…
What it means
Verse 1
Don’t worry, I come in peace
Where am I from? I’m from Mommies
Just like you I look just like you too
Ehh…close enough, how’ve you been holding up?
I may not show it but, I have potent love for all of you
Who may never been told enough growing up
Afraid to open up, but sure enough
I love all of you just like grown men love
Their families is that something you can’t believe?
No? Then why do you say I can’t come clean?
They say it’s insanity, I’m just trying to plant the seed
For humanity and water it foster it
With love and care like Mother Earth and Father did
But all there is are tampered streams
Take a gander, see? Land or sea
And are we man or beasts?
And for me? I’m a human being lover before a tree hugger
So why am I asking all these questions?
Well, because no one is answering
Verse 2
I once thought I was lost in a world of my own, a lonely one
You’re not alone or the only one
The more I see, the more I realize
I don’t need four eyes to see that you’re like me
What a discovery, neither of us like the pain or suffering of life
But hey, another thing is the joys and delights you enjoy in your life
For a second
Until a second party destroys it in five from the choices in mind
But haven’t we all had it rough?
Then that’s enough
Going at each other’s throats with bats and slugs
And perhaps give love
Maybe that is what…
Track Name: Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth
You might just see me in a crisis eating wishing life was easy
As I’m receiving diabetes from drinking diet sweet tea
At least I’ll have sweet dreams if I die while sleeping
No cries, no weeping, just know this soul is finally free
Verse 1
Her name is Candy she’s world famous and she’s my addiction
We go together like addition
To even the odds Two peas in a pod
Cuz she’s a sweet pea and life saver
Sweetie brings me stride, layers and Twinkies
Wink wink, That’s why I date her, I’ve savored
Her 35 flavors from our first ice breaker
Stars burst, I was hooked line-and-sinker
Nothing gets my chick-o-stick that hard
Like getting my break of that kit kat bar

Verse 2
When you eat a senorita red hot tamale
Lick her like a lolli
Because she’s tart-sweet tart and eat her face
Because she does taste like zebra cakes
Now my sweet heart is beating at Chester Cheetah’s pace
She’s not an airhead, she’s a smartie who needs a after the pizza party?
Before we depart she asks me are we
Staying for the night for what?
Is that why your buzzed?
I know I sure was well, did you like the rush?

Verse 3
Mom may say “Look you’re crazy!” but on pay day
I’m cutie pie’s sugar daddy she answers “Honey
I don’t need 100 grand or money, just sugar babies”
Hmmm…not many women said that they’d give me lemonhead
Her tongue calls for gum balls now, but not later
Without reading its ingredients I whip out the jawbreaker
Sour patch kids she steps out her package
Extra sexy “Ready daddy” now whatchamacallit is
In her belly jelly?

“ wow that’s whopper I guess I’ve gotta sweet tooth for sugar walls
“Uh, uh, uh, uhhhh, umm, sooo good
Soo much better
When I’m putting
“this is me spoonin with puddin, when I’m putting the spoonin
She puts out what I put in
Snicker, but she’s my Almond joy
Track Name: Life In The Fast Lane
Life In The Fast Lane
Because In life you get no do over’s
Living in that fast life might get you pulled over
And you don’t see me in a racecar
Don’t space out on me homie easy with that space bar
Because In life you get no do over’s
Living in that fast life might get you pulled over
And you don’t see me in a racecar
Don’t space out on me homie easy with that space bar

Verse 1
And you’ll be off to a great start
It aint hard I can’t tell you how many
Started good then stray far
Now, nobody knows where they are
Shot twice, but not dice, and the aint stars
But deep beneath the graveyard and dead instead
When they made sharp turns misled
Intelligent yet they aren’t learned
In street smarts to be smart enough to
When red, pyramid schemes and give head to get bread
As if they haven’t all lost it, sold their souls for a small profit
They say money speaks for itself, but it’s small talk shit

Verse 2
I’m not making this up life’s crazy enough, anything else maybe the snuff
As fast as I can tell might as well get as high as hell
Until I lose all sight and smell But what if I’m in jail?
Inside a cell? Can I get bail? Connive and tell
On all my friends? If not, I’m in deep doo-doo
You’d better not peep, you do koo-koo peeps are going to stick it to you
Sheesh! Who knew speed threw you for a loop-de loop?
(At least I got high)Whoop-di-woo
Now you’ve provoked sirens
I won’t tell you how to live your life it just sounds the most like sense
So my friends don’t end up with a revoked license since

Verse 3
Tires might burn with a wide turn
At the intersection in a second your whole life turned
For the worst it’s a lesson I’ve learned
What’s worse? No gas - gas yourself up but you can’t reverse your past
Mirrors broke, glass resolved to burn rubber drove fast
Who says In life “If you weren’t first then you’re so last”?
Ricky Bobby’s legacy isn’t in this and if it is
Then we all need to set a speeding limit at least wear a helmet
Or prepare to deal with the consequences
For those who ask for instruction
I’m a witness to mishaps of those who did laps
On the path of destruction
I’ve suffered headaches
Track Name: Ride Like Mine
Ride Like Mine

Verse 1
Cruising down the street my Jeep when it’s cold
When all of a sudden smoke then rose
So I get out that bitch thinking it's finna explode
But no, I’m just holding up traffic;
If I stay any longer all the folks behind me are not going to have it
So I go in the back then pry the door open holding it up with pliers
I should have applied the WD 40
[Sigh] It’s 3:40; I told my friends I'd be there at 3 to hang out
I drove my Jeep Cherokee carefully but it's too far a drive to Shane’s house
It's late now I picture them laughing
Go ahead and just laugh
“Who cares if that thing has enough gas,
Can that ratchet have painted piece of crap make it to the gas station?”

You know that you want…don’t you want…
Don't you want like mine?
You know that you want…don’t you want…
Don't you want like mine?

Verse 2
Have you ever had your tires slashed?
Not because the ride or riders were white or black
But just because no one likes your ass?
Well, I sure have – twice at that,
And I never managed to find out if they knifed or stabbed it to do the damage
Bonfire at Port Aransas? I’d better pass if that's where sand is
Sometimes, I just can't stand it
But as much as I say this, I shouldn't take these things for granted
Who cares if it's high maintenance?
I don't really care, I'll go anywhere I need to go in my vehicle
Even with a broken bass and broken brakes going 18
Slowing safely until I'm going 5 on Ocean Drive
And I still got a freaking ticket for an indecent lemon

Verse 3
Some days I'm amazed that it even passed inspection
In the first place well, except the fashion section
And the fact that the doors don't unlock leaves bad impressions –
Try the right side instead of the left or whatever
But I'm going to drive no questions asked, that's my prize possession
I've learned a prideful lesson about my Jeep with 3 different rims
I treat it a gem because one man's trash is another man's treasure
But as soon as I get some cash, I'm going to find something much damn better –
Something that at least carries four because my Jeep has been through enough shit
But until then, fuck it - even though my wheels barely roll
I'm blaring both of my stereos rolling through the neighborhood very slow
Until the whole area code points and yells, “Yo, there he goes!”

Say hello to my black Jeep - she's the only one I've got
But not for long…
Say hello to my black Jeep - she's the only one I've got
But not for long…
Say hello to my black Jeep - she's the only one I've got
But not for long…
Say hello to my black Jeep - she's the only one I've got
But not for long…
Track Name: Meant For More
Meant for More
Verse 1
The struggle is real – I don't know if I have enough muscles to do deal with the pain
When I'm feeling the strain, but I'll keep moving towards the light at the end of the tunnel
Until it's a train, still switching lanes until I can say that my meal ticket came
If I get a record deal will it change?
The stress just continues to build on my brain
I wouldn't doubt it if you're feeling the same –
Like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place
Lost in the car chase, living the fast life without options or hard breaks or stopping at our pace Only pain and misfortune – my eyes no longer conceal the flame when it's scorching;
It's more than I can handle, trying to lead by example
When I'm more than this when in reality, I’m poor as piss

We’re meant for more;
If we could just get our feet near or in the door
We could end the wars, heal the sick, and defend the poor
Until then we'll just have to endure

Verse 2
All I can do now is suck it up,
But the problem with that is it fucking sucks
And as if all of that shit wasn't enough
Now I practice to give up because I have to live up
To define my name, grab the future by the reins just like a chain
Because slicing veins isn't the only way your life can change
I won't try to deny the claims at times I writhe in pain –
It's a crying shame, sometimes more than I can take
Living as if life's a game until signed or famous
Anxious to be the greatest MC attempting to make ends meet
But in the end, it may just end me, maybe it ain't what’s in me
But us, because it takes convincing when nobody else believes in me – not even me

Verse 3
I've been blessed with the drive inside which I used to give lessons to guys
Despite you seeing insightfully if I fully live life through “we”
Then I'm to see what I view seen in my vision it’s my mission to see
The world edified through peace
And if I prove each and every one of you wrong from sunup to dawn, so what then?
I'm strong when I make the world struggles my own
So you won't rely on your muscles alone
You wouldn't see light at the end of the tunnel but hope
You wouldn't be strangled in the struggle or choked
Even if your beginnings are humble or broke, there's a reason you do what you do you
I'm sure all of the hustlers know they're not stuck by their ways
But work nights or stay late to see brighter days
So whatever it is, I hope that you find your way
Track Name: Heroes & Villains
Heroes & Villains
It's scary to get denied everywhere you go
Except area 51 lifes a bitch, but I married her 69ed
And carried her if the times get tough
With the might of 25,000 ordinary but wimpy lives
I don't give up even if Superman rarely was lifting my
Burdens, must have had a swift demise
By the hands of kryptonite but the real mystery is

Verse 1
Where are Batman and Nightwing when I need them to kill Mr. Freeze
And fight kingpins like penguin, striking them, found that damn clown with his pants down
I can't count how often that come in handy, but you probably don't understand me;
Most folks think, “Can he be considered family when he hasn't even noted a plan B?”
All they see is a boy who grow up from a baby which
Became discontent – a dissident
But I think maybe that I go by two different alias around descendant of aliens
That origin may begin to explain why yours truly came
With mutant blood coursing through his veins
But they tell me that the truth is vain

Life doesn't always go in 2 colors
But shades of grey are also which true colors
If someone could only pave the way or take the pain away
Then maybe they could save the day
Life doesn't always go in 2 colors
But shades of grey are also which true colors
If someone could only pave the way or take the pain away
Then maybe they could save the day

Verse 2
What if Banner hit a homer instead of just first base for a shortstop?
And Hulk smashed Betty on the first date?
I'll bet hear from Thunderbolt Ross who’d strike thee like lightning
Despite being puny human, not Norse God
Why can't I be guided by the father that Thor’s got
So I wouldn't wander on my course, lost
Maybe then, I could open opportunity’s door knobs
What if Spider-man lead us across the entire land
And sleight of hands weren’t high in demand
Firebrands weren’t silenced lambs by the hands of Iron Man
Ain’t it ironic
Ain’t shit like comics?
Patriotic folks lacking the character of Captain America
Just burst and they bury you
Punish the criminals just as a sentinel,
Avengers Assemble ayo, fuck this shit, it’s some bull

Verse 3
Protagonist and antagonist causes effects and catalyst
Ain't that a bitch? I'm drowning in the sea responsibilities, help
Batman, give me your utility belt
But why would he help a schmuck like me
If he just didn't give a fuck like me?
The Robin Hoods I see are robbing hoods nightly –
Law abiding citizens, all but blindly
Yet, then again, where would I be if I stop looking for a sign
Realizing there's more to life than being on the border line
If I did like high standards to live by
Then I wouldn’t stoop to their level
If you are a dare-devil I challenge you to stand up
Like the Supermen and women you are
Because average humans don't get too far
Track Name: Win or Lose (ft. Frank Reyna)
Win or Lose

Verse 1
Success isn't half as nice as advertised – that’s bad advice
What you need to know to achieve your goals ain't really that unbelievable
Life is a give-and-take; I don't take shit or give fucks
But most of you get stuck then give up
How can you feel like shit and still like it?
If I live your life then what will I get in return?
I've never been concerned with the rap game, the cash, fame
Or even leaving a legacy for my last name
I’ll sleep in peace when this planet has changed
Easier said than done, shit
But with that said I've done it
Because I’m the shit – why fight it?
You’ve studied history – I write it
And time flies when having fun
But you haven't won until asking us:

Are you a winner, or a loser?
Because beggars can't be choosers
In order for you to win,
Somebody has to lose
I hate the games that we play, but that's the rules

Verse 2
You win some, you lose some, but that doesn't mean you were a loser
Refuse to give up, and you'll have a future
People pleasers seem to think I'm hallucinating
Because I'm asking for too much
I just want the world, the moon, the stars
Ask and you shall receive, then the world will soon be ours
Nothing comes out of my mouth without meaning it
I need this shit, and I’ll allow nothing between me and it, so be a dick
Tell me not to dream, to quit
But I’ll reward those who believe in it
Because you're the one who gave me a kick in the rear
When I was prepared to throw in the towel
Didn't kick me when I was down
But rid me of the force holding me down
Which was me, the only thing now
I can do is succeed because seeing my dream Shatterer like shat turds
Is getting on my last nerve
I paint my pain with bad words so I guess it’s back to the blackboard
Well, any last words?

When you’re new, you don't realize winners used to be beginners too
It’s your mood since winners have a bigger view than quitters do
So instead of bitter feuds
No matter how much I get refused, I'm still letting loose
Track Name: Farewell
Verse 1
I'm still learning to let go so let's go
Recollect those memories and stories we had together
To piece back together, the good, ugly, bad, whatever you might find
In between the pages, ages of misdemeanor in Marina have been redeemed
But you’d never know what it meant to me, the beginning of ascending up high
In any way you can think of when we were friendlier
Getting together took little effort like “f- it” and didn't ignore friends
Like you've never met her or him before then
One man's trash is another man's treasure – a fortune
But fortunately, since we've taken leave we haven't forgotten
That quality time wasn't for nothing
I’m saying farewell, I can’t take you home…
Verse 2
I reminisce on memories which isn’t easy
When yours is hit or miss
But it’s a risk I’d take again with you
As long as I make a friend or two…
Like Tran, Itana, Shane, Nguyen, Boru, Pam and Carla, Frank, Stephan, and Drew, Dan,
D-Money, Cody, Ramzi, Andrew, Dennis, Mark and Ms. Carden too, Darcy Houton,
Aaron, Pat, Ian, GQ Marley, Lucas, Hunter, Matthew, Christian, Ryan, Byron, Nick, Ben,
Ivan, Brian, Caleb, Jacob, DJ Freyna, Christina, Enoch, Senet, Mom and Dad, Donovan,
George, Dave, Rainey, Stormy, Clayton, Jorge, Rayon, did I say Sean? Desean
Ana, Tamara, and Samantha, Gabby, and lastly, but not least, Avi
Verse 3
I miss you all, but sometimes, you’ve got to just move on
That doesn't mean it's time to lose bonds
Only that it's time to write some new songs so that you have news stories to tell
Because if you tell the same stories over and over, overtime, it becomes boring as hell
And don't forget that you ain’t won if you forget where you came from
Caught up by the hang ups and forget about the little people told you to stay tough
When you could have gave up from the lovers to the haters
To the movers to the shakers, those who believed in the dream
The doubters, and everything in between
It just seems that a friendship can be the greatest of things
And just enjoy the ride
Don’t be so busy living that is destroys your life