Heroes & Villains

from by One who May Aspire

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Ever since young, I've always looked to comic book characters not only for sheer entertainment, but also as something to aspire to. Their lives are far more unsettling than those of mere mortals, and yet among them, some of the noblest of qualities are exhibited. So will you be a bystander, or actively pursue greatness for the betterment of humanity?


Heroes & Villains
It's scary to get denied everywhere you go
Except area 51 lifes a bitch, but I married her 69ed
And carried her if the times get tough
With the might of 25,000 ordinary but wimpy lives
I don't give up even if Superman rarely was lifting my
Burdens, must have had a swift demise
By the hands of kryptonite but the real mystery is

Verse 1
Where are Batman and Nightwing when I need them to kill Mr. Freeze
And fight kingpins like penguin, striking them, found that damn clown with his pants down
I can't count how often that come in handy, but you probably don't understand me;
Most folks think, “Can he be considered family when he hasn't even noted a plan B?”
All they see is a boy who grow up from a baby which
Became discontent – a dissident
But I think maybe that I go by two different alias around descendant of aliens
That origin may begin to explain why yours truly came
With mutant blood coursing through his veins
But they tell me that the truth is vain

Life doesn't always go in 2 colors
But shades of grey are also which true colors
If someone could only pave the way or take the pain away
Then maybe they could save the day
Life doesn't always go in 2 colors
But shades of grey are also which true colors
If someone could only pave the way or take the pain away
Then maybe they could save the day

Verse 2
What if Banner hit a homer instead of just first base for a shortstop?
And Hulk smashed Betty on the first date?
I'll bet hear from Thunderbolt Ross who’d strike thee like lightning
Despite being puny human, not Norse God
Why can't I be guided by the father that Thor’s got
So I wouldn't wander on my course, lost
Maybe then, I could open opportunity’s door knobs
What if Spider-man lead us across the entire land
And sleight of hands weren’t high in demand
Firebrands weren’t silenced lambs by the hands of Iron Man
Ain’t it ironic
Ain’t shit like comics?
Patriotic folks lacking the character of Captain America
Just burst and they bury you
Punish the criminals just as a sentinel,
Avengers Assemble ayo, fuck this shit, it’s some bull

Verse 3
Protagonist and antagonist causes effects and catalyst
Ain't that a bitch? I'm drowning in the sea responsibilities, help
Batman, give me your utility belt
But why would he help a schmuck like me
If he just didn't give a fuck like me?
The Robin Hoods I see are robbing hoods nightly –
Law abiding citizens, all but blindly
Yet, then again, where would I be if I stop looking for a sign
Realizing there's more to life than being on the border line
If I did like high standards to live by
Then I wouldn’t stoop to their level
If you are a dare-devil I challenge you to stand up
Like the Supermen and women you are
Because average humans don't get too far


from Humble Beginnings, released June 30, 2015
Mix/Master: Metropolis Recording Studio.




One who May Ascend Dallas, Texas

With intricate lyrical content only to be explained by divine intervention, Texas Solo Artist Award Finalist, One who May Ascend (OMA), is unique - to say the least. Since he began writing, he has performed in multiple shows and has received many awards, including the Scholastic Silver Key award for poetry on the national-level. ... more

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