Win or Lose (ft. Frank Reyna)

from by One who May Aspire

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I've always been an underdog in life. I've always had to work for anything that I've ever gotten. I've never been the smartest, the strongest, or the best in any endeavor, and many have looked down upon me because of it, causing me to be largely underestimated. Underestimate me if you'd like, but I'm coming. Are you?


Win or Lose

Verse 1
Success isn't half as nice as advertised – that’s bad advice
What you need to know to achieve your goals ain't really that unbelievable
Life is a give-and-take; I don't take shit or give fucks
But most of you get stuck then give up
How can you feel like shit and still like it?
If I live your life then what will I get in return?
I've never been concerned with the rap game, the cash, fame
Or even leaving a legacy for my last name
I’ll sleep in peace when this planet has changed
Easier said than done, shit
But with that said I've done it
Because I’m the shit – why fight it?
You’ve studied history – I write it
And time flies when having fun
But you haven't won until asking us:

Are you a winner, or a loser?
Because beggars can't be choosers
In order for you to win,
Somebody has to lose
I hate the games that we play, but that's the rules

Verse 2
You win some, you lose some, but that doesn't mean you were a loser
Refuse to give up, and you'll have a future
People pleasers seem to think I'm hallucinating
Because I'm asking for too much
I just want the world, the moon, the stars
Ask and you shall receive, then the world will soon be ours
Nothing comes out of my mouth without meaning it
I need this shit, and I’ll allow nothing between me and it, so be a dick
Tell me not to dream, to quit
But I’ll reward those who believe in it
Because you're the one who gave me a kick in the rear
When I was prepared to throw in the towel
Didn't kick me when I was down
But rid me of the force holding me down
Which was me, the only thing now
I can do is succeed because seeing my dream Shatterer like shat turds
Is getting on my last nerve
I paint my pain with bad words so I guess it’s back to the blackboard
Well, any last words?

When you’re new, you don't realize winners used to be beginners too
It’s your mood since winners have a bigger view than quitters do
So instead of bitter feuds
No matter how much I get refused, I'm still letting loose


from Humble Beginnings, released June 30, 2015
Mix/Master: Metropolis Recording Studio.
Featuring the talented Frank Reyna.




One who May Ascend Dallas, Texas

With intricate lyrical content only to be explained by divine intervention, Texas Solo Artist Award Finalist, One who May Ascend (OMA), is unique - to say the least. Since he began writing, he has performed in multiple shows and has received many awards, including the Scholastic Silver Key award for poetry on the national-level. ... more

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