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Anybody who knows me can tell you about my addiction to candy and sweets. This song was inspired by Peppermint Larry's Candy Wife in the animated television series, "Flap Jack".


Sweet Tooth
You might just see me in a crisis eating wishing life was easy
As I’m receiving diabetes from drinking diet sweet tea
At least I’ll have sweet dreams if I die while sleeping
No cries, no weeping, just know this soul is finally free
Verse 1
Her name is Candy she’s world famous and she’s my addiction
We go together like addition
To even the odds Two peas in a pod
Cuz she’s a sweet pea and life saver
Sweetie brings me stride, layers and Twinkies
Wink wink, That’s why I date her, I’ve savored
Her 35 flavors from our first ice breaker
Stars burst, I was hooked line-and-sinker
Nothing gets my chick-o-stick that hard
Like getting my break of that kit kat bar

Verse 2
When you eat a senorita red hot tamale
Lick her like a lolli
Because she’s tart-sweet tart and eat her face
Because she does taste like zebra cakes
Now my sweet heart is beating at Chester Cheetah’s pace
She’s not an airhead, she’s a smartie who needs a after the pizza party?
Before we depart she asks me are we
Staying for the night for what?
Is that why your buzzed?
I know I sure was well, did you like the rush?

Verse 3
Mom may say “Look you’re crazy!” but on pay day
I’m cutie pie’s sugar daddy she answers “Honey
I don’t need 100 grand or money, just sugar babies”
Hmmm…not many women said that they’d give me lemonhead
Her tongue calls for gum balls now, but not later
Without reading its ingredients I whip out the jawbreaker
Sour patch kids she steps out her package
Extra sexy “Ready daddy” now whatchamacallit is
In her belly jelly?

“ wow that’s whopper I guess I’ve gotta sweet tooth for sugar walls
“Uh, uh, uh, uhhhh, umm, sooo good
Soo much better
When I’m putting
“this is me spoonin with puddin, when I’m putting the spoonin
She puts out what I put in
Snicker, but she’s my Almond joy


from Humble Beginnings, released June 30, 2015
Mix/Master: Metropolis Recording Studio.
Produced by the talented King Bate$.




One who May Ascend Dallas, Texas

With intricate lyrical content only to be explained by divine intervention, Texas Solo Artist Award Finalist, One who May Ascend (OMA), is unique - to say the least. Since he began writing, he has performed in multiple shows and has received many awards, including the Scholastic Silver Key award for poetry on the national-level. ... more

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