Humble Beginnings

from by One who May Aspire

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Beginning with a call to my "inner child", this is basically just me detailing my relationships with the most important people in my life; family, friends, and of course, myself.


Humble Beginnings
[Dialing phone, Yawn]
Hello, OMA residence. Speak
Uhhh, hey Malik. How’s it going?
Malik? Sir, I think you have the wrong number…
Well, I was pretty sure this was the right number. Consider this a wakeup call. Don’t you remember me, Malik?
That voice…
Verse 1
Don’t you remember? How could you
Forget the inner childhood who was behind you
Each step of the way Malik?
Seven of the days a week,
Yeah, we messed up to say the least
Every now and then, but now that you’ve let me down again
Drowning in misery, history repeats by itself
What must I do to remind you
Of the times you needed my help?
Surely, you didn’t get here all by yourself?
Now did you? How can you turn your back
And forget to observe that
Simple principle to stay modest
But now that your earnings have tripled, you can’t pay homage
That ain’t being honest, a clean conscious
Remembers where you came from because you can’t run
Fast enough to escape from memory lane son, don’t you get it?
It hurts to even ask; you may be leaving the past, but you’ll be back for a visit
And don’t you forget it
Hey me, it’s you, from the past alias, dude,
Visiting you of the future to ask late me if I may, ok
See if the present is a gift like they say,
Maybe it’s true, but it ain’t the excuse for behaving shady as you
Turn into the person you’re changing into
– you’re friends, you’re family who made me, shaped me, from a baby to you
Verse 2
Before you had friends, or followed fads, trends,
And the latest fashions or V-necks,
You were depressed, one of the rejects
At recess you would read unless a bully messed
With us, taking your glasses, it was a game
For them, playing for practice, bonus points
If they get a smashed lens, for us boys
It’s eight or six lashes, back whelps from Dad’s black belt
Where my back had swelled, my choice was
To become numb and callous – cold shoulder as you grow colder
With the world – o remember when you didn’t know how to get a girl?
Getting turned down, now you’re sick of her?
Since when did you get the nerve? Remember this kids a nerd
So now that you get your clique yeah sure it’s easy
To forget the insecurities, Huh, you’re a tease
I was being facetious, the stronger of trees
Are deepest rooted – never deceive the peeps
Who believed in you, kid
Verse 3
Back in the day we would be passing the daily
Time together – that is amazing when I consider
What has been happening lately, acting so strangely
As if you blame me
I remember when I was in the picture perfectly
None this nonsense would’ve gone if you heard from me
Some thought you were much worse to read comics – you weren’t a nerd to me
I’m just nervously watching what I’m disturbed to see;
A grave I’m burying deeper, if it weren’t for me
And the family, my very friends, teachers,
And librarians either, I barely would be the
Man I am today, Man I cannot say
Thanks enough when there are so many to count on
And those you look down on, say thanks for nothing
So what if they’ve seen you grow up and for what?
Then we forget them? You want to be forgiven?
Why? You told yourself to hold yourself high
I wrote this oath myself
I hope it helps, bye
[You knew who you were, sounds crazy? It’s true, somewhere in there is the same me as you]


from Humble Beginnings, released June 30, 2015
Mix/Master: Metropolis Recording Studio.




One who May Ascend Dallas, Texas

With intricate lyrical content only to be explained by divine intervention, Texas Solo Artist Award Finalist, One who May Ascend (OMA), is unique - to say the least. Since he began writing, he has performed in multiple shows and has received many awards, including the Scholastic Silver Key award for poetry on the national-level. ... more

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